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The Mind Fixe

  • Learn how to stop destructive thinking and internal chatter that undermines your confidence and self-belief.
  • Follow the simple do-able lessons to help you 'master your mind' superpower.' 
  • Take a new confident perspective towards your ideal life.

The Body Fixe

  • Maintain your physical strength and fitness with regular exercise routines. 
  • Adopt routines in yoga, pilates, massage to help maintain your physical strength and flexibility.
  • Taking care of your body will help to improve and maintain your mental wellness.

The Lifestyle Fixe

  • The lifestyle you want is within reach! 
  • Activities that bring you pleasure make it easier to think positively and exercise regularly.
  • Appreciating your lifestyle improves positivity and motivation - and helps you achieve even more success, joy and happiness!

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The Le Fixe Story

Le Fixe is focused on developing a practical and positive approach to wellness and living our best life. 
The emphasis is on being pro-active and preventative; learning to understand our thoughts and behaviours, and to change what we don’t like or want before we spiral down into more serious mental health problems.

Grounded in the evidence-based principles of positive psychology and optimism, and the educational premise of task analysis combined with 'do-able', practical learning strategies, Le Fixe was founded by an experienced teacher and psychologist, who had a dream of teaching the masses how they could lead their best life – and in doing so, minimize the impact of the ever-spiraling global mental health crisis.

I’m Merryn Snare – author, educator, mentor and psychologist – and founder of Le Fixe. You can find out more about me here: www.MerrynSnare.com/welcome

The Back Story:
Le Fixe grew from the recognition that it’s the simple things that bring me pleasure!

I always drew great pleasure from having a cuppa, either with friends, between meetings, or when taking a break at home.

I noticed that enjoying the simple things was fundamental to me enjoying life. 
And enjoying life should surely be our ultimate goal!

The teacher and psychologist in me knows that to achieve this ultimate goal we need to have a lifestyle that works for us: that doesn’t necessarily mean a lavish lifestyle, but it means a freedom to do the things that bring us pleasure and to be with the people who make our heart sing.

Of course, having a healthy mind and body are pivotal to this, and my work as a psychologist has shown me how many people don’t have this mind-body-lifestyle balance right.

In my private practice I guide people to fix this, but I wanted to reach and teach more people.

When enjoying a cup of tea or coffee – either at home or in a café, I think of it as my ‘coffee fix’. For me it is more about the gift of time for myself – a break from work or chores rather than a need for caffeine. When I added the concept of strengthening one’s mind and thinking – the ‘mind fix’ together with maintaining regular exercise and physical wellness - the ‘body fix’… Le Fixe was born.

I developed a series of online programs, resources and offerings for individuals and organizations designed to enhance awareness of what might interfere with one’s quality of life, whilst guiding them with structured programs, routines and suggestions towards living the life they have wanted.
My goal is to make the ‘Le Fixe’ process ‘do-able’ – to make it as simple for people to understand and implement as possible – otherwise, despite the best of intentions, if it becomes all too difficult, people let go – and never achieve the life they want!

Le Fixe is all about ‘Empowering You to Change Your life’, and to celebrate ‘Good Health and Happiness’.

Are You Ready to Make the Changes You Need to 
Take Control of Your Future?

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Personal Programs and Resources

Are You Ready To Take Charge
of Your Life?

This program teaches you how to harness your thought processes and use them for positive actions
and outcomes.
Le Fixe System empowers you to become who you want to be.

Take a Break - Chill Out!

Taking a break is crucial for mind-body balance, and what better way to enjoy your break than with a delightful cup of organic tea.
Tea for Le Fixe comes in a variety of flavours to cater for your every whim and fancy. whether you are a balk tea enthusiast or would lie something herbal to unwind with, you will find it in our Le Fixe range.

Are You Looking for Guidance by Someone who  'Gets You'?

This action-oriented mentoring group, can fast-track you personal or professional journey. Working with a capped number of participants, the success Circle is focused on learning and growing, creating our personal goals and successes, whilst learning with and from each other.

Customised Corporate Programs

We are all only too aware of the far-reaching ramifications of this Covid-19 pandemic. It is a situation none of us are enjoying – especially those facing an uncertain future. This pandemic has affected everyone, from those who contracted and survived Covid but are unsure of the longer-term health impacts, to every business large and small, be they a successful small business or a large business that has to make significant changes to the way they move their business forward. It is about survival.

Redundancy is a huge part of this, and no business wants to see any of its loyal and hard-working employees becoming a statistic, especially given the concerns of an impending mental health pandemic.

Talk to us Today about our Customised Redundancy Programs for your business. Make a difference and support your team though our programs.

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